Over the past 28 years, IIDA has clearly established itself as the fastest growing company in the worldwide wholesale and retail distribution channels. IIDA’s dedicated commitment to quality and sensitivity to customer satisfaction has set a standard for others to follow.

Even from the early stages of business operations, IIDA has grown by incredible proportions from its inception as a corporation in 1987. As he foresaw the diversification of the consumer marketplace, Fred Simon, with over forty-five years of experience, founded IIDA. He formed this specialized marketing and sourcing company to address the unique needs of the ever-changing face of retail for the future. He has successfully coordinated sales and marketing in the industry.

IIDA handles both foreign and domestic clients who span a broad spectrum of industries. In this way, and with a better understanding of their needs, IIDA has established a high degree of stability and developed stronger relationships with their customers at the highest levels.

IIDA handles a very broad spectrum of food and non-food products, bringing them to the marketplace for both National and International use.